Company Profile


World Recycling is an Italian firm based in Lucca, Tuscany, founded by Raffaello Cortopassi in 2012. Mr Cortopassi can boast a long-term experience in the field of waste disposal and trade.

The company’s strong points are trust, confidentiality, timely payments and a helpful and competent back office.

World Recycling believes in the principle of cooperation to reach a wider market development and it always looks for new partners to expand its business and that of its customers’.

World Recycling, for an encreasingly green future!


Our company has a wide range of national and international customers and it is constantly expanding. At the moment, our international partners are Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Portugal.

Our company has always believed in serving customers as an added value. For this reason, our professionals act as expert go-betweens in the various fields of the waste market.

Behind every successful company there is somebody who has made a brave decision’.


What’s waste?

Waste includes all the inorganic objects or organic substances the owner wants to dispose of.

It can be classified as follows:

  • according to its origin: municipal and special waste
  • according to its hazardous characteristics: dangerous or non-dangerous waste

Waste (present-past-future)

  • In the past: men lived in accordance with the environment and the little waste they produced went back to the biological cycles. There was no waste and everything was recycled and re-used many times. The problem of waste sprang up with the birth of cities and the population growth.
  • At present: with the Industrial Revolution the problem of waste started to be significant, because factories began to exploit resources extensively and they started to mass-produce goods, which were cheaper than the manufactured ones. Factories improved people’s quality of life, but at the same time they increased the quantity and nature of waste. New materials like plastic and chemicals were introduced.
  • In the future: people need to find a solution to environmental problems which have become more and more pressing as factories developed, such as the problem of CO2 emissions and the overuse of plastic. In order to solve these problems, people have started to produce electric cars and biodegradable plastic and to use renewable sources of energy.


What is ecology?

Ecology evaluates the impact of man’s actions on the environment, climatic changes like temperature rise and tries to reduce its consequences, like polllution, the greenhouse effect, deforestation and global warming.